Manmade burning cycle; Asia’s largest landfill is ablaze. Again.

For days now, Delhi’s Ghazipur mountain sized landfill continues to burn with little or no immediate access to control the flames and the toxic fumes being emitted 24×7.

Access to current fires is blocked by more rubbish, requiring diggers to slowly pave a path for fire truck access creating a treacherous situation and a real risk of potential collapse. 

The landfill reached its capacity in 2003 yet thousands of tons of waste are dumped here daily. While experts have been calling for the ‘mountain’ to be flattened as an attempt to control the ongoing self-combusting hot spot, the next big question remains; what to do with it?

The world has already created a waste problem that has few solutions with ongoing consequences. The only solution we can control right now, is limiting what we throw away. Every day. 

Let’s all call for immediate change.

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