All-in-one tech meets 3-in-one plastic alternative. Meet ecoPLAS®

ecoPLAS® is a highly diversified non-plastic ‘plastic’ limestone based biodegradable and (industrial) compostable drop-in alternative plastic material for a wide use of end products containing zero traditional polymers and can easily replace other resins harmful to the environment and our ecosystem. The SKU’s below indicate processing compatibility, and suitable for all three forms of drop in manufacturing. Contact us if you need further information.

Our limestone alternative plastic traps carbon dioxide during its natural formation never to be re-released unless heated to 1500F; a condition that only happens with concrete production. It sequesters CO2 over the life of a given object during and post-manufacturing, one object at at time.

ecoPLAS® series consists of one formula, suitable for three drop-in manufacturing processes: Thermoforming/Sheet, 3D printing and Injection molding. View the ASTM properties or view and download the full Technical Data Sheet here. One formula, three drop in applications.

ecoPLAS® TH201

ecoPLAS® for Thermoform/Extrusion/Sheet

ecoPLAS® TH201 is an excellent drop in solution as a biodegradable and compostable alternative to your current manufacturing needs and exhibits excellent properties for thermoforming and sheet. No manufacturing changes are required which make this an excellent solution to your sustainability goals. This one material can also perform for 3D and Injection Mold.

ecoPLAS® 3D201

ecoPLAS® for 3D printing

3D print monofilament generally is comprised of PLA which may limit its use. Our patent pending ecoPLAS® material gives you the best of 3D print properties, as a biodegradable and commercially compostable material for all your print needs. This one material can also perform for Injection Mold and Thermoform. One formula three drop in applications.

ecoPLAS® IM201

ecoPLAS® for Injection Molding

In addition to other applications ecoPLAS® is highly suited for injection molding and drop-in ready to replace any virgin, recycled plastic or other polymer product manufacturing processing. One formula, three drop in applications.