ecoplas® by REearthable™
A breakthrough CO2 sequestering "not plastic" limestone alternative

from the earth, to the earth®

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3 Manufacturing applications, one drop in material

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ecoPLAS® Innovation= 3 Drop-in Applications

Traditional Plastic Has Run Out of Tricks

caco3: abundant, natural.CO2 sequestering magic.

Limestone, one of earth’s most abundant natural resources captures CO2 over time, never to be released. Ever.

Unless of course you burn it for concrete at +/- 840C or above. So don’t do that.

The goal: continue sequestering excess CO2 we’ve created over time, not create more. Meet ecoPLAS®

Not plastic
Not paper
ASTM TDS Results

ecoPLAS® is a drop in ready biodegradable & industrial compostable limestone (CaCO3) based material that conforms to FDA food contact safe (G.R.A.S.) specifications, suitable for 3D print, Thermoform/Sheet and Injection Mold applications. Additionally it continues to absorb ambient CO2, one manufactured product at a time. 

3rd Party ASTM D5511 and ASTM D5338 Testing is Underway. 

Tensile modulus

237,000 ± 14,000

flexural strength

5,500 ± 130 (PSI)

shore D hardness

avg. 71.00

notched charpy

ft-lb/in 1.57




77 ± 7


58.60/°C 137.48/°F


(210 °C/2.16kg) 7.5G/10 MIN.

We are a team of people who have been fortunate enough to visit many beautiful places in the world. The ‘bath temperature’ seas of Khao Phing Kan Thailand, the Amalfi Coast of Italy, the amazing Greek Islands, the coastal wonders of Cape Town South Africa, the whiter-than-white shores of Vanuatu in the South Pacific to the beautiful coasts closer to home from Canada to California and here in the Pacific Northwest.

Sadly, not once in the last 20+ years did we see these amazing wonders without some form of a carelessly discarded plastic item and know we are not alone in this passion to tackle waste, carbon and environmental impact plastic has created