A few answers to perhaps a few of your questions. Need more information? Contact us, we’re always delighted to connect!

It is unfortunately a well known fact that less than 10% of plastic is recycled globally. Of that approximately 1/5th is mismanaged or landfilled. 

No. ecoPLAS® is drop-in ready for your current manufacturing processes. Unlike PHA or other biodegradable materials, there are no capital (or personnel knowledge) investments required to switch to a better plastic alternative solution. 

No and absolutely no. ecoPLAS® is a natural cream white due to its limestone inclusion but can be color masterbatched to any color you need (except clear).

ecoPLAS® is a three-in-one, drop in ready pellet material for 3D/Additive Manufacturing, Thermoform/Sheet and Injection Mold applications.

An absolute  resounding yes! As a newer player in this market we collaborate with like-minded forward thinkers on how we can collectively ‘do something better together’™ not only in bioplastics, but as a viable replacement to fossil based polymers. We’d be delighted to connect!

Our material was formulated to last…until it doesn’t based on the item manufactured. Unless discarded in a landfill (or industrial composted), ecoPLAS® serves a useful life and within ~120 days after discard, starts the degradation process through microbial activity. 

As the world grapples with CO2 release from so many sources, manufacturing processes and everything in between, we believe our material  does something better by sequestering already trapped CO2 from our limestone base. For example, 1 tonne of ecoPLAS® prevents 3,500 LBS of newly released CO2, continues to sequester 2,000 LBS of CO2, and prevents 1,800 LBS of crude oil usage. We think that’s something and worthy of attention. We hope you do too. Please contact us to determine what we can do, together ™.

We source and compound in the USA. We are always open to strategic partnerships where collaborative alliances make sense. If you have a need, please contact us for further discussions.

We are highly aware of many of the ‘green’ and ‘washing’ variations still requiring regulation. Our product has been 3rd party tested to both biodegrade and compost in aerobic (landfill) and anaerobic (industrial compost) conditions via ASTM D5511 and D5338 (respectfully).

Limestone is a common polymer filler, but not to the extent we’ve formulated our proprietary material. Why? Limestone, unless heated to ~1500F (for concrete) continues to sequester captured CO2, one manufactured product at a time.

If you are a consumer for 3D print or Additive manufacturing, you can purchase our material at filabot here (https://www.filabot.com/collections/filament/products/ecoplas-3d201) or massive dimension here (https://massivedimension.com/collections/pellets/products/ecoplas-3d201). If you are a manufacturer or brand, please contact us to discuss pricing and options. 

Right!!?? Well, we don’t think this is an FAQ, but our processors are delighted to report that during melt for manufacturing it smells like…Christmas. A pleasant smell like nutmeg. Why do we care? It is testament to the materials within, another reason to switch to bio based ecoPLAS®