Additive Manufacturing Leader embraces biodegradable ecoPLAS®

Together with Filabot/Massive Dimension ecommerce sites and REearthable’s biodegradable manufacturing-ready plastic alternative, global 3D and Additive Manufacturing customers can now buy an innovative replacement polymer without sacrificing product integrity.

Biodegradable Plastic Alternative.

BARRE, VT and SEATTLE, WA / APRIL 1st  2023 — Filabot and Massive Dimension, leading worldwide providers of small to large format 3D printing solutions for the plastic extrusion industry and REearthable, a bio based alternative plastic technology material company today announced the availability of a limestone based biodegradable resin as a viable alternative to PLA and other polymers for the 3D print industry via and

ecoPLAS® by REearthable is a biodegradable limestone plastic alternative that exhibits exceptional properties similar to Polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE), and can can replace PLA applications with superior technical  attributes with no processing changes. Limestone is a non-toxic food contact safe waste byproduct of existing quarry aggregate production further adding to its sustainability in the plastics industry.  

Polymer chains break down and weaken object integrity after every re-process and can only be recycled or down cycled a few times, sealing its ultimate landfill fate. In 2021 in the U.S. alone Greenpeace reported 51 million tons of plastic was discarded and only 5% was recycled leaving a whopping 48.4 tons landfilled; the equivalent of 133 empire state buildings combined.

“In validating ecoPLAS® on our professional grade Filabot EX6 extruder, the material both extruded and printed with excellent results”, said CEO Tyler McNaney. He added, “The Filabot and Massive Dimension teams are excited to bring this material to market as it aligns very well to meeting our goal of making additive manufacturing more sustainable”.

“As visionaries who paved the way for 3D adoption, working with Filabot and Massive Dimension is a significant milestone in providing global 3D customers with a biodegradable plastic option” said CEO Charlotte Wintermann, adding “We all recognize the precarious global situation we’re in and we must say YES to innovative plastics now”.

About Filabot and Massive Dimension:

Filabot and Massive Dimensions are research and development companies focused on providing additive manufacturing equipment to customers who are leveraging this incredible technology within their work. The Filabot product line produces filament for FDM 3D printers, users can develop new polymers and run pilot productions with this equipment. The Massive Dimension product line is focused on large format additive manufacturing, where robotic arms are used as the movement systems for building large objects. Both product lines give users access to tools that would otherwise only be available in factory settings. Learn more at or

About REearthable:

Based in Seattle, WA, REearthable™ was founded on a passion to address plastic issues by pushing boundaries, challenging status quo and re-thinking a better ‘plastic’ fate. With the drive to reimagine innovation in plastic the company develops and sells biodegradable alternatives as a direct replacement for 3D print, Injection Mold and Thermoforming with no changes needed. We live by our motto ‘from the earth, to the earth’® with a dedication to changing the impact of harmful plastic, one product at a time. Learn more at

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REearthable®, LLC / +1-206-659-9997 /


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