Turning limestone into biodegradable plastic; how ecoPLAS® sequesters captured co2 one product at a time

If comparing a truckload of fossil fuel plastic to ecoPLAS®, only one sequesters as much CO2 as the mass of four adult polar bears.

  • Commercially available now, ecoPLAS® is a drop in manufacturing ready non-plastic solution for Injection Molding, Thermoforming and Additive Manufacturing/3D print applications.
  • Sequestered CO2 is indefinitely trapped in the limestone and plant based biodegradable material, whether landfilled or industrial composted.
  • Biodegradable, FDA food contact safe, Japan Positive List Compliant, Industrial  Compostable, USDA certified Bio Preferred and non-toxic.

SEATTLE, WA / Nov. 10th, 2022  — ecoPLAS® by REearthable™ is an industry-first drop in ready biodegradable plastic alternative for three unique manufacturing processes while sequestering captured CO2 in every product made. As a direct replacement for Injection Molding, Thermoforming and 3D printing, manufacturers and retailers now have a greener option to offer more sustainable plastic products.

Limestone (CaCO3) is known as a top global contributor of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in concrete production, but is also widely known to capture CO2 via the atmospheric carbon cycle.  Limestone, 44% CO2 by weight, continues to sequester
captured carbon dioxide unless heated over 1500°F. Neither landfill nor
industrial composting reaches these temperatures, protecting ecoPLAS®
sequestered CO2 in its harmful form.

At an unprecedented need and speed for alternative plastics that are both biodegradable and decrease CO2 impact, one pound of ecoPLAS® sequesters the equivalent of one AAA battery by weight, a giant panda for every 10,000 pounds and per truckload, the mass weight equivalent of four adult polar bears which can reach up to 8 feet high on hind legs.

“We ignored industry assumptions to rethink plastic as a business problem that
needed solving, not as engineers
”, said REearthable CEO Charlotte Wintermann. “Consumers are the agents demanding change and it’s up to the rest of us to deliver”, she added.

From consumer goods and packaging to thousands of other products across various industries, ecoPLAS® can be compounded to any color except clear and based on volume, competes with other commercially available materials with no manufacturing changes required.

About REearthable:

Based in Seattle, WA, REearthable™ was founded on a passion to address plastic issues by pushing boundaries, challenging status quo and re-thinking how plastic could be made; without plastic. With the drive to reimagine innovation in an ‘old’ industry now in constant change, we live by our motto ‘from the earth, to the earth’® with a dedication to changing the impact of harmful plastic, one product at a time. For more information, please contact us at LetsTalk@REearthable.com or
visit www.REearthable.com and “let’s do something better, together™”


View the full release with product demo links here: 


Biodegradable Plastic Alternative. www.REearthable.com

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