ecoPLAS™ is a highly diversified non-plastic ‘plastic’ biodegradable and (commercially) compostable drop-in alternative plastic resin material for a wide use of end products. It contains no fossil-oil compounds and is suitable for a variety of end use products. Our drop-in qualifications include less energy to manufacture, zero fossil-oil compounds, renewable materials and no manufacturing changes.

Our material is suitable for thermoform/Sheet, 3D print and Injection mold products.

ecoPLAS™ TH201

ecoPLAS™ TH201 Thermoform/Extrusion/Sheet

ecoPLAS™ TH201 is an excellent drop in solution for a biodegradable and compostable alternative to your current manufacturing needs and exhibits excellent properties in lab tests. No manufacturing changes are required which make this an excellent solution to your sustainability goals.

ecoPLAS™ 3D201

ecoPLAS™ 3d201 / 3D Print Monofilament Grade

3D print monofilament generally is comprised of PLA which may limit its use. Our patent pending ecoPLAS™ material gives you the best of 3D print properties, as a biodegradable and commercially compostable material for all your print needs.

ecoPLAS™ IM201

ecoPLAS™ Injection Mold Grade

In addition to other applications our ecoPLAS™ material is highly suited for injection molding and a drop-in to any virgin or recycled plastic product manufacturing processing.