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One little straw. One single use container. One clothespin, plastic bag or water bottle. They all add up.

To combat the pandemic plastic problem that affects us all, we have dedicated years of research to develop a proprietary plastic alternative that is processed no differently than traditional plastic manufacturing processes.

The result is a biodegradable and (residential) compostable ‘plastic’ material equivalent that retains polymer tensile strength, anti-yellow UV aging, and naturally fire retardant properties.


Whether tossed to the ground, composted or buried in a landfill, our material maintains the benefits of a traditional polymer without the harmful short and long term environmental effects.

Our limestone based material is a revolution in the plastics industry that regardless of its final product form will organically break down in both an aerobic (free oxygen) and anaerobic (no oxygen) environment while producing earth friendly natural gases (oxygen) during the process.

We are dedicated to doing our part to prevent future plastic products from consuming the earth for generations to come by replacing traditional plastics with REearthable® .

Beware the vastly different and misleading Oxo degradation claims that create micro plastics versus true bio degradation.

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