Our limestone based biodegradable material is delivered in bulk to your specifications in any pellet color you desire (except clear).

Unprocessed Limestone Base


Limestone is sourced from the earth’s natural compounds from beneath the surface. Natural limestone (the primary ingredient in our product) biodegrades back to its original form without introducing any harmful man-made chemicals along with it. With our additional proprietary ingredients, you get the best of biodegradable in the industry’s highest standards of ‘green’ production.

Organic Limestone is by nature a creamy white, indicative of the natural stone or compounds you might see in other natural stone products. Shown on the right are our pellets with manufactured drinking cups, no coloration added.

Similar to Henry Ford’s famous saying about the first Model T but applied to REearthable, “A customer can have any color they want, as long as it’s not clear”.

Color Consistency


Our superior compound and color mix process ensures accurate color consistency mixed to your exact specifications throughout the pellet product; that is, we don’t ‘color’ the pellets after the fact, the pellets are mixed 100% throughout to your pantone requirements which ensures longevity of color consistency having natural UV protection. Specifically, Pantone PQ-2406-C as shown on the left will be the exact same color if you cut any given pellet in half (or the poor toy robots leg…we don’t recommend that if it can be helped).

Any standard Pantone color is available, for any manufacturing or product need you may have.