Our biodegradable and industrial compostable material is delivered in bulk to your specifications in any pellet color you desire (except clear). Lab proven for Thermoforming, 3D Print, Injection Mold and Sheet processing, our ecoPLAS™ Series material has a wide application for manufacturing processing and is drop in ready with no equipment changes required.

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Natural Limestone Base

Of several proprietary compounds in our patent pending formula, natural Limestone is included which biodegrades back to its original form without introducing any harmful man-made chemicals along with it.

With our additional proprietary ingredients, you get the best of biodegradable in the industry’s highest standards of ‘green’ production. Shown on the right are our pellets with manufactured cups, no coloration added.

Similar to Henry Ford’s famous saying about the first Model T but applied to REearthable™; “Our customers can order any color they like, as long as it’s not clear”.

Compound Coloring Available

Our compound and color mix process ensures accurate color consistency mixed to your specifications throughout the pellet product; that is, we don’t ‘color’ the pellets after the fact, we can produce pellets that are mixed 100% throughout, prior to compounding to your pantone requirements which ensures longevity of color consistency while also having natural UV protection.

Any standard Pantone color is available, for any manufacturing or product need you may have.

Following are samples for the processing methods appropriate for the ecoPLAS™ Series Material.

Left Gallery: Left1.355mm 3D Print Monofilament, Top Right 30mm Sheet, Bottom Right 30mm highly distressed sheet showing superior tensile properties.

Right: Solid two face Injection Mold Chip with texture and smooth (2.5mm top facing , Step Chip Injection mold graduating from 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 3.5mm (bottom facing).